158 and counting!

As they used to say on radio & TV in the old days, “keep those cards and letters coming” – in this case, it’s “keep those e-mails coming” with suggestions for new blog sites to add to the hub. As of today, the list stands at 158 New Brunswick-based blogs – quite the accomplishment, considering that this project is only five days old! A special thanks to a reader on the Miramichi for sending in several blog sites there.

As I said at the outset, the object of this project is to celebrate the creativity and commitment of New Brunswick Bloggers.  The scope of the content involved is mind-boggling.  If you're a blogger, good on ya!

Here are the newest blogs added this morning:

Adventure Steps
Backyard Gardening Tips
Bolshy Bill
Food is Love
Giv'er on The River
Half an Hour
Miramichi Fishing Reports
Miramichi SPCA
Moncton Blogger
Second Spin Records
The Joy of Fly Fishing
The Moncton Times@Transcript - Good and Bad
Visit New Brunswick

Thanks again for your support and if you’re one of the authors, happy blogging – if not, happy reading!

In some cases, a few blogs have not been updated in a long time – it probably indicates that the author has moved on to other things, but in a few cases, after the blog was listed here, suddenly it was updated, so who knows what might happen. I’ll leave them on the hub for a little while longer to give them a chance. After a reasonable time, if there’s no update, then I’ll assume the blogger is no longer interested and will delete them.

As always, suggestions for additions to the hub are welcome via my e-mail address.

Have a great day.


  1. This is a great idea and obvously a lot of work on your part. Thank you fo r providing the information.


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