Bloggers Hub now totals 193

Fourteen new blogs added to the Hub today. Brings the current total to 193!!

As always, thank you to everyone who is e-mailing me the suggestions. In some cases, a website may refer to itself as a blog but unless it has the necessary coding to provide a “feed”, the blogger software will not recognize it as a blog and therefore I can’t add it to the list. Those are very few, but if you find that a website you suggested is not on the list, that’s most likely the reason why.

Also, I’m still adding blogs that have not updated in a number of months in the hope that they might resurrect their work; if not, within a few weeks I will begin deleting blogs that have not been updated within one year.

Here are today’s adds:
burnt.normal church pottery
Cape Jourimain Nature Centre
Falls Brook Centre
Manda Gardens
Moncton Locals
Nature of Words
New Brunswick Environmental Network
Renewables NB
Seascape Kayak Tours
The Wool Works
Twisted Strand

As always, I welcome your suggestions via my e-mail address.

Thanks. Have a great day.