Hello and welcome to the New Brunswick Bloggers hub!

This is a small project I decided to undertake after looking and not finding a comprehensive list of New Brunswick blogs. The previous Blogroll was a great tool for finding NB Blogs, but the Blogroll program was shut down last spring and left a lot of operators of Blogrolls out of luck.

A friend of mine in another area started a Blog hub using the existing features of the Blogger program and I decided to do the same with New Brunswick blogs. As of today (Mon-Sep-12-2011) there are more than 100 blogs listed and most of these are ones I’ve found through Google and link lists contained within blogs. Certainly, this is only scratching the surface and I look forward to reader participation in order to make this list as complete as possible.
For the time being, the list is organized only by recent activity, so the blogs that have been updated recently will be at the top of the list while those that haven’t been updated in a while will be at the bottom of the list. Eventually, I hope to also organize the blogs into categories such as political, humour, personal, business, etc. but as this is a volunteer, one-man operation that’s going to take some time. I hope we can get into doing things like “Blog of the week”, best “Blog of the year” and things like that. That will be totally dependent on reader participation.

In the meantime, if you would like to have your blog added to the hub, just send the URL to me via e-mail and I’ll add as time permits. Also, if you know of other blogs that should be on the hub, send them along as well. I ask that you check the existing list first to avoid duplications.

Many thanks for your help. Have a great day!


  1. This is a great initiative. Thanks for finding and adding my blog! Riel Nason

  2. Hi Rob & Riel, thanks so very much for your nice comments. My goal is to help promote the work of so many excellent bloggers in this province who don't get much acknowledgement PLUS give blog readers more access to great blogs. Anything you can do to help promote the blog would be much appreciated. I hope to have a button developed shortly that listed blogs can add to their blog if they so choose to further promote the hub. Thanks again! Cheers.

  3. Thank you for including Facing Autism in New Brunswick on the NB Blogger Hub. Good listing of NB blogs. Keep up the good work!

  4. I just found this blogger hub blog roll this morning and have discovered that my blog has already been included. Thank you for including my blog in this, your wonderful considerate venture.
    Ann of Nature Tales and Camera Trails

  5. Hi Anne, you're most welcome. This is a hobby-project and I do enjoy having access to an update list of blogs to read through since so much work goes into their creation. Take care!


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